It’s time for a new way of doing business

21st century business means valuing people and our planet just as much as the bottom line

How will your company’s legacy be defined?

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The Corporate Racial Equity Alliance — led by PolicyLink, FSG, and JUST Capital — works toward a future where everyone can participate fairly in our economy and democracy and access what they need to thrive.

We work with business leaders, workers, investors, community leaders, academics, public leaders, and many others to build a future where all businesses are contributing to making this positive future a reality. We bring deep expertise in racial and economic equity, inclusive and socially responsible business practices, and data-driven tools and insights. 

Introducing the Business Standards for 21st Century Leadership

Our flagship initiative is the development of corporate performance standards to advance equity, inclusion, and socially responsible business practices. Informed by extensive research and consultations with hundreds of stakeholders, the standards provide businesses with a clear roadmap to advance equity and inclusion, combat discrimination, and embody the best of socially responsible business within their organizations and across society.

Working together across sectors, we can reimagine what business is capable of. 

Our Work

Many business leaders and investors are committed to transforming their practices to have a lasting positive impact, but are struggling with what to prioritize and how to make steady progress over time, especially in the current landscape.

The Corporate Racial Equity Alliance understands the realities of business and knows that this work has never been harder. That’s why we are supporting business leaders and investors by providing actionable guidance on how to navigate the current realities and making lasting positive change. 

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Our Partners

Working in partnership across sectors is key to our success. Join us in taking bold action that inspires change to last generations by learning more about partnership opportunities.

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