We know that advancing equity and inclusion and adopting socially responsible business practices are not overnight efforts or check-the-box exercises. Investors and business leaders need practical guidance and a clear roadmap to make meaningful progress. 

Our blueprints aim to do just that, showing investors and business leaders what equity and inclusion look like in action with guidance and resources to support implementation.

For Investors

Capital is a powerful driver of innovation and prosperity in our society, but it is not neutral. All investments have social impacts, so all investing ought to be equitable.

The Investor Blueprint — by PolicyLink in partnership with CapEQ and FSG — supports investors in integrating racial and economic equity holistically within their institutions, from the heart of their purpose to their decision-making processes, investment strategies, and measures of organizational effectiveness. The Investor Blueprint:

  • Explains "the why" of centering equity in investment strategies, serving as a tool for gaining buy-in and driving alignment within investment firms. 
  • Provides a comprehensive framework for action that leverages multiple pathways for investors to achieve equitable outcomes. It includes practical actions to undertake, with guidance, resources, and key performance indicators to support execution. 

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The Investor Blueprint is a powerful resource that, if adopted by investors far and wide, would be a game-changer in the US economy. The economic drag of inequality is underappreciated in the investment community. The Blueprint deftly shows how investors have a window of opportunity to help turn things around, tap into unrealized economic potential across our markets, and protect their investments for the long term. Those who act will be contributing to pushing the system in the direction it needs to go.”

Dr. Gillian Marcelle, CEO, Resilience Capital Ventures and originator of the Triple B Framework

For Corporate Leaders

Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic and national reckoning on racial injustice, The 2021 CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity

  • Guides business leaders beyond diversity and inclusion commitments to explore the intended and unintended impacts of their products, services, operations, policies, and practices on people of color and low-income communities.
  • Answers the top questions we hear from corporate leaders every day — “What is everyone else doing?” and “What does good look like?”— with profiles of companies and business leaders making progress within their four walls, within the communities in which they operate, and at the societal level.

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Building on the foundation of the CEO Blueprint, we know that business leaders need even deeper guidance — a common language and clear roadmap — to advance equity and inclusion. Learn more about our groundbreaking new corporate performance standards, translating the CEO Blueprint into the KPIs for equity, inclusion, and socially responsible business.