Corporate Standards

As part of the Alliance’s ongoing work to advance racial equity in corporate America, we know that businesses need a shared language and approach to learn and be accountable to stakeholders on advancing racial equity — no less than a system-wide response is required to address systemic racism in America. To achieve this, we have come together to develop robust corporate performance standards on racial equity to set the bar for what good looks like, embed accountability, and establish consistency for how corporations should approach, measure, disclose, and speak publicly about their equity journeys within the company, within communities, and at the societal level. The foundation for our work is the 2021 CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity.

Over the course of this multi-year effort, we will innovate from the ground up, informed by the expertise, wisdom, and resilience of people of color and low-income communities. Working together with a strong ecosystem of partners — including CapEQ and our Flagship Partners B Lab and The Global Impact Investing Network — our work will be anchored in data, metrics, and measurement. Most importantly, the standards we develop are fundamentally for the public good and will be shared with and freely available to the public.

This multi-year effort begins with an urgent call to action to all stakeholders — equity advocates, community leaders, workers, consumers, investors, businesses, and business affinity and support organizations: we need your feedback! 

Fill out this brief survey to share what’s important to you in holding corporations accountable to their commitments and how our standards development work can help you in your work, your day-to-day, and your community.

This survey will be open from July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021. While our standards development begins with a US focus, we welcome feedback from stakeholders across the globe as we aim to have a global reach in the coming years. 

In the months to come, we will share the anonymized results of the survey and much more about our standards development process, including our guiding principles, governance process, standards methodology, and ongoing stakeholder engagement opportunities. 

Keep informed of updates and check back here next month for more updates!