Corporate Standards

Collectively, we have the power to achieve racial and economic equity in our lifetime. Businesses in all industries have an important role to play, but to achieve this we need a unified approach to achieve and measure meaningful action. 

Building on the foundation of the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity, we are developing new corporate performance standards tackling inequality in the US, with an eye on the global context. The standards will provide business leaders with clear goals to strive for, milestones along the path, and metrics to track in order to communicate progress in this work and earn greater trust. The standards will also support other stakeholders, including investors, workers, consumers, civil society organizations, and the public in their efforts to influence corporate priorities on equity, inclusion, and socially responsible business.

Join us on Monday, May 20th for the release of the draft standards!


The forthcoming standards will provide businesses with a framework that is data-driven and informed by extensive research and broad stakeholder engagement. Since we launched this multi-year effort, we have engaged over 500 stakeholders across sectors and from all walks of life. We thank all the dedicated individuals and organizations that have lent their time and expertise to this important work. Here is what we have accomplished to-date and where we are headed.

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