Corporate Standards

Collectively, we have the power to achieve racial and economic equity in our lifetime. Businesses of all sizes and in all industries have an important role to play, but to achieve this we need a shared language and approach to ensure investments in equity actually translate into equitable outcomes.

Building on the foundation of the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity, we are developing rigorous corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity in the US, with an eye on the global context. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring 2022 public comment period. The standards will be stronger due to your input.

On April 5, 2022, we released our latest report outlining the scope and structure of the corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity. Over a 60-day public comment period, we solicited the public’s feedback on our work through 11 roundtable discussions and a survey. 

Three hundred workers, young people, social movement leaders, equity experts, sustainability experts, business leaders, and board members, investors, standards setters, and scholars generously shared their insights and expertise with us. We are deeply grateful to everyone who lent their voice, time, and energy to participate in this critical phase of our work and help shape the standards for equity in business. 

We are now integrating the public comments into our approach and methodology to developing corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity, and drafting the baseline set of standards. 

Stay tuned in the coming months for the full results of the 2022 public comment period, including a synthesis of the feedback we received and how we are incorporating it into the standards methodology and framework. In 2023, we will launch another public comment period with the publication of the draft standards. Learn more about our development timeline in Chapter 5 of the standards report.

Want to learn more about the Alliance and our approach to developing corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity?

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Watch the 2022 public comment period launch webinar for an introduction to the Alliance, our reason for creating the standards, an overview of the scope and structure of the standards, and more about the standards development timeline. 

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An equitable and just future for all is not beyond our reach if we boldly work together!