About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is a future where everyone can participate fairly in our economy and democracy, and share in prosperity. 

Yet, in the United States alone, nearly 100 million people struggle to make ends meet. More than half are people of color, but they are not alone. Nearly 25% of all white people in the US also experience economic insecurity.

Our mission is to support the evolution of equitable, inclusive, and socially responsible businesses that can contribute effectively to a just and equitable society for all. We believe businesses and investors have a leading role to play in this positive future and we work with them to advance a new way of doing business — one where everyone enjoys a dignified standard of living for themselves and their families, our natural world is healthy and strong, and all communities are thriving.

About The Founding Members

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The Corporate Racial Equity Alliance is founded by PolicyLink, FSG, and JUST Capital. Collectively, we have expertise in racial and economic equity, inclusive and socially responsible business practices, data-driven tools and insights, and leading platforms for empowering stakeholders.

Our flagship initiative is the development of corporate performance standards. Created with a broad ecosystem of partners, the standards aim to provide businesses with a common language and a powerful roadmap to advance equity and inclusion, combat discrimination, and embody the best of socially responsible business within their four walls, within communities, and across society.

PolicyLink is a national research and action institute dedicated to advancing racial and economic equity by Lifting Up What Works®. For over two decades, PolicyLink has been dedicated to amplifying the expertise, wisdom, and resilience of people of color and low-income communities to make our social and economic systems work for all people.

FSG is a global nonprofit consulting firm that partners with foundations and corporations to create equitable systems change. Through customized consulting services, innovative thought leadership, and learning communities, FSG is working to create a world where everyone can live up to their full potential.

JUST Capital is an independent nonprofit with a mission to tackle the most pressing social challenges of our time by galvanizing the collective power of corporate America and the private sector. Guided by the priorities of the public, JUST tracks, measures, and helps to improve corporate performance on the most important stakeholder issues.

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We each have a role to play in achieving a future where everyone can thrive. 

The Alliance believes in the collective power of society — equity advocates, sustainability experts, investors, workers, business leaders, philanthropy, business affinity groups, social movement leaders, public sector leaders, and more — to get us there. 

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