Issue No. 2 | December 1, 2023

Mindset Shifts, Standards, and Resources for Operationalizing Equity

The economic and political pressure put on DEI efforts in 2023 has demonstrated why, now more than ever, business leaders and investors need expert guidance, trusted spaces, and knowledgeable partners to support them in advancing their bold goals for a better future. Despite headwinds against DEI in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling on affirmative action, new polling data affirms that US adults overwhelmingly support businesses taking active steps to reflect the racial diversity of America. Advancing racial and economic equity is a long game that requires ongoing recalibration to address the challenges of today — that’s why we remain dedicated to providing resources and guidance to business leaders to continue this important work. 

Read on for insight into the mindset shifts required to advance equity in business today, research demonstrating support for workplace DEI initiatives, and updates on our corporate standards development.

New Research Supporting DEI Initiatives

The Black Economic Alliance (BEA) Foundation — a national organization focused on advancing work, wages, and wealth across the Black community — released the results of a new survey conducted by the Harris Poll demonstrating that initiatives to increase diversity in corporate America are overwhelmingly supported and should continue. The 2023 data indicated that the vast majority of Americans across racial, ideological, and generational lines support businesses taking active steps to ensure that companies reflect America’s racial diversity and believe this will lead businesses to greater profitability and innovation. Check out the results.

Join Us in Shaping the Standards

We are on track to release the draft corporate standards on racial and economic equity in the spring of 2024! Since our last update, we completed three beta pilots where companies from several industries, including retail, technology, financial services, and food and beverage, tested and provided feedback on subsets of the standards. The findings and feedback from these pilots have been instrumental in shaping the standards, and they reaffirmed the value of our stakeholder engagement process.

Ways You Can Get Involved

  • Individuals: Keep an eye on your email for more information about how to participate in the 2024 public comment period. Would your colleagues be interested in lending their voice to this vital work? Forward this newsletter and encourage them to join our mailing list.

Resource Spotlight

  • Operationalizing equity within a company requires embracing new attitudes and beliefs about diversity, equity, inclusion, and social responsibility. Our latest blog post offers three crucial mindset shifts for business leaders to strengthen their existing DEI efforts, enhance their organizational resilience, and make a greater positive impact. 
  • Stay tuned: PolicyLink and Aspen Institute will host a virtual dialogue that brings together legal and DEI experts to share best practices, answer critical questions, and discuss our collective way forward in a post-affirmative action world.
  • In a new blog post, PolicyLink’s Director of Corporate Racial Equity, Jocelyn Corbett, offers insights on how to facilitate active, inclusive, and equitable stakeholder engagement.
  • Listen to JUST Capital’s Director of Equity Initiatives, Corporate Impact, Ashley Marchand Orme, on the Diversity Goes To Work Podcast, episode 45, Using Data to Help Craft Your DEI Narrative for insight into how companies can use data to engage authentically, invest in DEI initiatives that drive outcomes, and build trust with the American public.
  • In an article on ImpactAlpha, PolicyLink’s Managing Director of Corporate Racial Equity, Mahlet Getachew, joins Monique Aiken, William Burckart, and Tynesia Boyea-Robinson to offer opportunities for investors to double down on investing equitably in a post-affirmative action economy
  • B Lab recently hosted a webinar offering practical advice on how to demonstrate the benefit of a purpose-driven business. President and CEO of CapEQ Tynesia Boyea-Robinson provides operational tools for building equitable and inclusive companies.

Keep in Touch and Stay Up to Date

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