Together, our organizations have deep expertise on corporate strategy and racial equity informed by our research, direct work with companies and other clients across sectors, and our own internal journeys on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Corporate Performance Standards on Racial & Economic Equity: Developmental Approach and Methodology

In April 2022, the CRE Alliance published an exposure draft detailing our approach and methodology to developing corporate performance standards on racial and economic equity. We subsequently led a 60-day public comment period soliciting feedback to this work. We received thoughtful and actionable comments from hundreds of members of the public – including workers, social movement leaders, young people, equity experts, sustainability experts, business leaders, and board members, investors, standards setters, and public sector leaders. Our standards development approach and methodology as represented in this publication will be strengthened as a result! We will publish the results of the public comment period, including a synthesis of the feedback received, in advance of publishing the draft corporate performance standards.

2021 CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity

Our 2021 CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity will guide you beyond diversity and inclusion commitments to the heart of the business opportunity ahead: addressing the intended and unintended impacts of your products, services, operations, policies, and practices on people of color and low-income communities, with key recommendations across the three domains of corporate influence: within the company, within the community, in society.

JUST Capital's Corporate Racial Equity Tracker

In April 2021, JUST Capital launched a comprehensive Corporate Racial Equity Tracker showing how the largest public U.S. employers are advancing racial equity within their workplaces and their communities – providing a clear picture of disclosure on 22 key measures of diversity, equity, and inclusion, from workforce demographics to pay equity to anti-discrimination policies.

Corporate Insights into the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity

We solicited feedback on the Blueprint from C-suite leaders across the nation and across a broad range of industries in partnership with Paul Shoemaker, former Microsoft executive and founding president of Social Venture Partners International. Our goal? To understand business leaders’ level of engagement in racial equity work beyond their public statements, and their key barriers and opportunities for growth. Learn more about our top 7 takeaways here and listen to our  webinar: Can Business Leaders Help Build an Equitable Society? Corporate Insights into the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity.

A CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity 

In 2020, PolicyLink, FSG, and JUST Capital came together to develop A CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity to help companies move from commitments to action. The Blueprint outlines discrete actions and new ways of operating across the entire footprint of the business: within their four walls, within the communities in which they operate, and at the societal level. 

The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity

Published by FSG and PolicyLink, and funded by the Ford and W.K. Kellogg foundations, The Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity highlights examples from 12 leading companies such as Gap Inc., PayPal, and Cigna, who are driving innovation and growth by advancing racial equity.

Health Care and the Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity

Published by FSG and PolicyLink, Health Care and the Competitive Advantage of Racial Equity: How Advancing Racial Equity Can Create Business Value, this report focuses on actions taken by companies in the health care sector to create business value by addressing the unique challenges faced by communities of color.

Reckoning, Repair, and Change

How Business Leaders Can More Effectively Advance Racial Equity and Competitive Advantage. As corporate leaders pledge their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, they need a way to fulfill their promises. Designed for CEOs and corporate executives, this primer from FSG offers practical tools and examples to help companies transform pledges into action.

Advancing Frontline Employees of Color

Published by FSG and PolicyLink, Advancing Frontline Employees of Color: Innovating for Competitive Advantage in America’s Frontline Workforce, this paper identifies 23 evidence-based practices for advancing racial equity and fostering working environments where all people feel valued and can thrive.