Corporate Standards

Collectively, we have the power to achieve racial and economic equity in our lifetime. Businesses in all industries have an important role to play, but to achieve this we need a unified approach to achieve and measure meaningful action.

Building on the foundation of the CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity, we are developing new corporate performance standards tackling inequality in the US, with an eye on the global context. The standards will provide business leaders with clear goals to strive for, milestones along the path, and metrics to track in order to communicate progress in this work and earn greater trust.

We are excited to invite a cohort of leading companies to participate in a pilot and be amongst the first to engage with the standards. Learn more about this opportunity.

After receiving rich feedback to our standards approach and methodology through our public comment period last year, the CRE Alliance is hosting a series of pilots, now through 2024. Piloting companies will receive individualized support from the CRE Alliance as they test the draft standards and be able to provide input to help shape the standards for the broader field. Reach out to to get your questions answered about this opportunity.

Engaging all stakeholders – and especially people of color, people experiencing economic insecurity, and young people – remains critical to our ongoing development of the standards. Join our newsletter for regular updates on our work and to hear how you can participate in our next public comment period in early 2024.

For more information about the CRE Alliance:

An equitable and just future for all is not beyond our reach if we boldly work together!